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If you have not purchased a Flag-pole and a base for this flag graphics before, you need to add the flag pole and one base type to your cart to be able to use it. You should order flag graphics on it's own if you have purchased the hardware previously and only want to replace your old graphics.


1) Spike-base is used for outdoors and in the ground.

2) X-base to use on any hard ground usually outside, such as concrete, or indoors (ceiling height permitting).

3) Indoor-base is usually used for indoor and trade-shows but not limited to.

4) Water-base: Once filled with water, the weight of this outdoor water base will provide extra support for your flag on a windy day. 

5) Water bag will give you a water bag that can give your x-base some more extra support staying in place during light winds. Water weight is approximately 3 gallons (24 lbs).